Thursday, March 9, 2017

Inspiring Marriage

I read this sweet story about a man who went to Wendy's with his wife who has Alzheimer’s. He was feeding her because she could not eat on her own. The photo went viral. You can read more by clicking the link here:

I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding. Picture Quotes.: Perfect Marriage Sign:
This story has an amazing inspiration to me. So many people nowadays get married because they feel a 'spark' and all for selfish reasons, they get married and within a couple of years they realize they don't have the same spark and think they don't love that person anymore.... It is really very sad. This leads to many broken homes and tragic ends to such a beautiful Sacrament and commitment. It is beautiful to see young couples in love but it is almost more beautiful to find those who have been together for so long and are still just as much in love.
 I can say for most girls that we dream of a prince charming who will sweep us off our feet. Whether or not these men exist, men like the man in the story are true princes. They love their lady and they stick with them and take care of them even to the end. Any man can fall for a beautiful young lady and vice versa. However, it is so beautiful to see when two people struggle but work through their problems because they really love each other. This love is based on God's love and He brings them to never give up on each other. It only makes sense that in a society where God is not important that marriage diminishes as well.
My neighbor recently passed at the age of 94. He was a dear sweet man who took care of his wife until her death. He cared for her until the end. I never knew his wife but I heard about how he cared for her.
I only hope I can find a man like that one day! One who will laugh with, cry with, pray with, fight with, learn with, and grow closer with.
Anyway I just wanted to share that sweet and inspiring story! And ladies - these men do exist! Don't give up! ;)


Outfit of the Month March 2017

Hello! Geez life has been so hectic! It is already March! Spring is on the way! To be honest, we have been blessed with some really fantastic weather considering the area I live in. St. Patrick's Day also falls in the middle of the month. St. Patrick was amazing and deserves a to be honored this month! I have to give him that especially since I am part Irish! :)

Now for the outfit. This dress has the retro look and it is both feminine and modest! I just love polka dots!

You could always wear the classic black ballet flats or black pumps but these shoes are also adorable and would dress the outfit up a bit.

And depending on the event this outfit is worn to, this astonishing head piece or anything similar will make this outfit elegant and complete.
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Thanks again for all of your support and will be trying to blog more! Happy outfitting!