Thursday, February 15, 2018

Victorian High Tea

Hello Everyone! I just want to share some pictures and a story of a blessed weekend. I have a few points with this blog. This will be more a personal post than just on culture in general. First, I want to share that last weekend, my family hosted a Victorian High Tea at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. We made it a Catholic event and wanted to promote this event to promote femininity and fine culture. I want to share my whole weekend though to give you a spirit of confidence during this Lent. To start, the Tea was a blessed event. We focused on St. Margaret of Scotland because she refined the barbaric Scotland almost single handedly. She was the obvious saint for such an event to promote. We experienced fine food and dressed as beautifully as possible. I had a great time doing so myself but I really enjoyed seeing everyone else as well! The little girls there were so cute! I believe that everyone received many graces at the event. When it was over, no one wanted to leave. I am going to share some pictures as well. 

                          (These are the invitations we sent out a month in advance)

                       The picture of the holy cards of St. Margaret

                                  The food! Yes, those dinky eggs are quail eggs!
  This was the table of teas to smell and choose from.. Tough decisions!

                                Some friends who won first prize! (we had door-prizes with teacups)

                   With another friend

               This is the lobby of the hotel!

         This is my sister giving a talk on St. Margaret
                                     My Maman! She planned everything. I just love her hat!

The other thing I wanted to share was my experience on Sunday (day after the Tea). We got plenty of snow Saturday evening. We had to drive to Holy Hill for Mass for a specific purpose. Mixing the two sounds like danger. Snow and a hill.. yup. So we went to the 8 o'clock Mass. We wanted to go to Confession so we went after because we were late due to very, very slippery roads. So, we stayed into the beginning of the 9:30 Mass. We tried to leave and of course, we spun and hit the guard rail and ended up in a ditch on the other side. At the same time one of our friends started praying the Hail Mary.  First thing, we could have rolled down into the deep ravine but we did not. We all were safe but, still, in the ditch. We tried calling a towing service but there lines were so busy that we would have been waiting for hours. (we were already freezing and we had company coming in a few hours). So, we saw a maintenance man and asked him. However, luck did not seem to be with us. He could not pull us out because of legal liability... blah blah blah. So we struck out twice. We said more prayers and shared this lovely experience with some friends who live out of town who came to spend the Tea with us. We tried to remember what Father just said in his homily about trust in God and St. Teresa of Avila's words about how God treats his friends....All of a sudden (literally.. I do not exaggerate) the attendees of the 9:30 Mass were leaving. We were worried someone else would slip and we were watching all of the cars coming down the hill and then low and behold! A huge monster truck with some serious tires started driving down the hill. We said to each other "Those tires could get us out of the ditch!".... The driver opened the window and had a big cheeky grin on his face. He said "Need some help?" We all were ecstatic. Also, who else was he but a friend of my brother's from high school! He had to dig a mound of snow from under the truck with his hands. Then another car stopped and helped him. He lived out of town and was brought into the area for family reasons. He used to do quite a bit of towing so he knew what to do. Together they got us out in maybe 30 mins. The man's wife let us warm up in their vehicle (since I didn't wear boots that day of course)... Nothing was affected, our company coming or the car, which remained undamaged! That is it in a nutshell! I cannot exaggerate the Providence here! The right people in the right place at the right time.. God was watching over us..... I just want to tell you all to have confidence! I always hear stuff like that but until this experience, I struggled. I don't think I will doubt Providence again! I hope this story helps you with confidence this Lent! Have a blessed Lent!

(I also have a book review coming up soon! And an outfit of the month too....)
Until next time!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wearing of the Hat

Pillbox Hat | Ivory Cream pillbox hat | wedding

Hello all! I sincerely apologize for my absence on here. I have been so busy working two jobs and keeping up with school.. By the time I have free time, I just do not feel like doing much. I have been meaning to do this post for months now so here it FINALLY is!Wearing hats has been an increasing interest and passion in my family. It has led to reading about their history and the styles of the years. This has also lead to building a collection! :) I think it is a beautiful thing for women to wear hats nowadays in the casual world. Today, when the word 'hat' is used, most people think of baseball caps. Not only are they so casual, they all look the same. An egalitarian fashion in which everyone has the same style hat. Practical enough to keep sun out of the eyes, but they are not food for the soul. The hats that I have grown to love are the hats worn for many years up until the last few decades.
Hats have been worn for many years and although the styles have changed, women never left the house without wearing them. I think part of the reason women wore them so much was to cover their head because they could not bathe as much. However, I still think they saw something more in wearing a hat.
The etiquette is pretty easy. Never take it off! It is acceptable for women to wear hats at the table and all the time. In Church, although men must remove their hats, women must cover their heads (in the tradition rite) and so it is appropriate for a woman to wear her hat!
I have a few points that I hope will inspire you to wear a hat as well and to love and promote the beautiful and fading style.
I would wear this all the time!
1. Hats themselves have character. One will never see the same hat on two different people. They are beautiful and distinguish the person wearing the hat.

2. (Real) hats now are worn by those with authority. To name a few, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, members of the military...etc. Every person has an authority. He has authority over himself and his emotions, thoughts...etc. He must always carry his dignity and prize it as a jewel because it was given him by God.
the road to wellville
3. Hats are a beautiful way to veil one's head in Church. I veil myself in Church (if you have questions about why I do this, here is a good link with information on this beautiful tradition: I love the lace veils, but I always enjoy wearing a hat in Church, wearing a beautiful hat for my Lord.

Fanny Rosie. 1988. Professional translator from Montreal currently living in Okinawa. This blog is...
4. Hats made for women give a distinctly feminine look which is discouraged in today's society that states that man and woman should be the same...blah blah blah. Wearing a feminine hat is a beautiful way to counter the world's ideology of 'no difference in the genders'. Go against the society and tell them "I am a woman. I am not confused about that. I know that for sure. I am a lady of God and proud of it. I will not conform to this nonsense that a man can be a woman one day, or that a woman can be a man someday!" Make this the armor in the battle of nonsense and confusion!

   5. Dressing modestly, hats direct the attention to the face, the most dignified part of the person. Each person has a face given them by God, and them alone. When someone notices another, they should notice the face which is the most beautiful part of the body because it is where the human thinks and loves. It is what contains the brain which guides the person's intellect and personality.

6. Wearing a hat creates an atmosphere that is more serious and demands respect.

If you are interested in buying a beautiful hat, I would recommend looking at this Etsy shop ( I bought a hat from her last Autumn and it was very well made and so darn beautiful! She was so wonderful to work with in picking out a hat and I would hope that you would give her the business!
Another place my family has purchased from is this shop here:
Here is the wonderful hat I bought from EastAngelHarborHats! (Way on the right). Fun fact: the pink fascinator that my sister is wearing is from England! My family traveled there some years ago and it was during the horse racing season and so hats were EVERYWHERE!
As usual, have a blessed rest of the month and may Our Lady keep you in her mantle and protect you from the evils of the world!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Outfit of the Month January 2018 and Book Review

I am covered over with a robe of righteousness That Jesus gives to me. I am covered over with the Precious Blood of Jesus. ~ Noni ~

Hello everyone! I would love to wish you all a blessed New Year and may it bring prosperity and be even better than the last!

For this month's outfit, I just found a picture to hopefully inspire you to dress beautifully (and warmly! burr! we have had negative weather for about 2 weeks now!)... Also I found a quote that I hope you will remember when dressing each day. I find it inspiring and beautiful.

A Portrait Of Feminine Dress, Part 7 ~ Skirts and Flattering Shoes
(Here is a skirt available as well online!)

For the book review, I have three books finished....
This book is excellent! I give it 3-4 stars... I did find it boring at times but it is a good read where Lewis shows in a story how the devil works in our lives. It is presented in a comical way but contains such relatable truth... It can help to make one more aware of the devil's work and how to avoid it.

I read this one for school along with Screwtape.... I liked it (some do not though) but I found the characters realistic and there is a way to empathize with all of them. The story is about a bridge that collapses with 5 people on it and Br. Juniper decides to figure why God took the lives of those five. The story talks about the characters who die up to the point of the accident and then how their deaths effect others. I found it to be very good and I would highly recommend it. I give it 3 stars.

The last book I read since the last review is Revolution and Counter Revolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. This is not a story but a recount of the problem in society as he pinned it to a continuing Revolution that has been working on society since the middle ages. I did not understand most of it and will be reading it again in the next few years. I would definitely recommend it but not sure how to give it stars... It is a dry read however to give a heads up to those who have a hard time reading like me... :) I always enjoy a good read but I am picky about what I consider a good read.... :P

 Also, I want to share with you this lady who makes the most beautiful holy cards I have ever seen! They are lifelike and Some are on their way in the mail and I am so excited to receive them.. Here is her link and please check it out! Here is just one of her pictures to show you how beautiful they are! I just can't say enough!


Anyway, until next time, God keep you safe and have a blessed week!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

Outfit of the Month December 2017

Nearing the end of the year, I would love to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I would like to know for the new year if everyone would like me to continue to post an outfit of the month or do a different monthly post... Whether it be quotes, tips, or other outfits... let me know your thoughts! Otherwise, enjoy the blessed season!

Accordion To Kellie: Russian Red.... Red red!  @Penny Kearney I love the beret hat with this one! I just love to see the bright cheerful colors and the feminine look of this outfit!
How to Wear Your Midi Skirt This Winter - Page 16 of 30 - Fashion Style MagThis couldn't get much better!

Also I wanted to share some skirts that are already available for sale. They come in green and grey and are decently priced.... I certainly love these skirts and I hope you do as well!
Lace Up For Your Love High Waist Velvet Skirt in Green/Grey(

God bless!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Be A Man!!!!

Fight for our beliefs!
This post is for the men out there. Yesterday was Black Friday. The day that brings out the worst in most people. The greed, selfishness, and utter immaturity of the people. In one instance there were two men who were fighting over a toy car. Yes, grown men. (If you want to read more on this, here is the link: They even let you watch the video. How generous. This incident disgusted me and so I thought I would write a letter to the men out there. (I am well aware that women definitely have their share of such behavior on Black Friday as well).

My dear fellow men,
   What has happened to Godly manhood? Is fighting over toys in a store, kneeling during the national anthem, or cussing excessively what it has come to? I must say, especially proven by this incident, age does not make one a man. Christ died for us and is more persecuted now than ever. Don't be cowards! Step up and fight for your principles, not a toy car. Remember Thomas Jefferson's words, "One man with courage is a majority." Put on the armor of God! Not the toy one that comes in aisle three. Take back the kingdom of God! Stand for the principles which you say you believe in so firmly. Prove to God you want His kingdom! When you die, will you be remembered for attending sports games? For playing video games? For attaining wealth? For buying a toy car? No! You will be remembered for your principles and if you were worthy enough to believe them! I am calling you all to take the fight and to only press forward. Fight Satan in the public square, where he is demanding approval everyday. Pray the rosary. Fight for Holy Mother Church against every way in which She is attacked. Let integrity guide you! When you fight for the Lord and make yourself worthy of Him, you are worthy of anything. Be a man! More so, be a man of God and a knight of Our Lady!

Montgisard - Deus que fazia aparecer sua força nos fracos inspirou o rei Balduíno IV que desceu de sua montaria, prosternou-se com a face contra a terra diante da Cruz e rezou com lágrimas. À vista disto, o coração de todos os soldados se enterneceu. Eles estenderam todos a mão sobre a verdadeira Cruz e juraram jamais fugir; e, em caso de derrota, olhar como traidor e apóstata quem fugisse em vez de morrer.

Thank you!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Outfit of the Month November 2017

What culture says vs. what God says

A lot of people  think that wearing immodest clothes makes them look cool.... but it really doesn't.

Hello my dear readers! I know I didn't post anything last month..... My sincere apologies. But, I have put together yet another outfit in hopes if inspiring you to continue in the fight to dress modestly but also femininely and elegantly!
We are daughters of God and Modesty is the virtue which we show others our hearts and do not distract them by wearing 'intriguing' clothing. I might have said this before but I find that all clothing is attractive.... But what do you want to attract? That is where the difference lies.
We dress beautifully because we are made in the image and likeness of God and He is grandeur itself. What better way to portray Him? He wants to show us off to others and say "Look at my daughter! See her heart and how beautiful it is!"  Anyway, let's get to the outfit! :)
Another place, another time, yet still a girl, like me, with hopes, fears, and dreams.Lisa Auger : Apple Trees Like Lace I just love the elegance of the women in these paintings! pino daeni - Searchdress skirt jacket coat top hat hair character <-- I'm basically pinning this for the Dobermann =P you don't see enough of them!

So, this was already put together but I just love it! The colors scream Autumn and they are perfect for a nippy November!
Urban Vibes | Modest Style Inspo on @shesintentional with @jwyatt3047

Since the items she is wearing are not available for sale, I found some other things to attach if you are interested in buying something online!

The red skirt is also available in gray and a light brown.

I love the pattern on that skirt! Festive and elegant!

Here are some beautiful shirts that I found also. Due to the copyright, I cannot upload the pictures here but I have the links so that you can look at them if you are interested!

1.   (comes in multiple colors)
2. (comes in multiple colors)
4. (comes in multiple colors)

That is all folks! Oh yes! I have a hat blog coming up and also, I promise there will be more book reviews soon!
Signing off for now... God bless you and God bless America!

(One last picture... I love how this picture frames the frustration of today's world making it hard to dress modestly :)  The sarcasm says it ALL)

This is exactly why girls take so long to get ready!!! We always have to put on 25 hundred layers of clothes on!!! .... and then fix our hair, pick out our shoes, make sure our purse doesn't clash.... lol

That's Right, Open That Mind!

Image result for 1900s tea party

 30 Inspirational Quotes About Women That Encourages To See The Best In Life
Hello Everyone! I FINALLY sat down to write this blog. I have wanted to do this one for a long time now.
Why did I title this article in such a way? Well, if it intrigues you, keep reading!

Femininity (and all Catholics really) require the art of open mindedness. I am going to start with a few stories of personal experience. I work with a young man who has more liberal ideas and need I say more? We don't really agree politically (amazing how elections can bring everyone to talk about politics and reveal more about them!). Anyway, we have had many arguments about multiple topics. However, he is still one of my favorite people to work with (also, he showed me that not all liberals are immature and that you can still be professional after an argument)... Why do I like to work with him so much? He is open minded! Other people at work have observed the 'arguments' and they made ridiculous comments and even he silenced them because he was not arguing to embarrass me or anything of that sort. He has even stated that he just wants to know why I think certain things to understand my point of view and have a mature conversation. Now, I know multiple people who share the same beliefs politically but they will shut down everything I say - on every little matter..... every. little. thing. They definitely do not make me feel welcome and I count the minutes until they are gone. So, why be open-minded? I have an analogy. Imagine that you are a house and it is storming outside. You see people outside who do not know where to go. They are looking but cannot find a peaceful place to resist the storm. Seeing them, you call out to them and tell them to come in. But, you also have locked your doors. You continue to tell them how wonderful it is inside and they might even try to enter. But, you never open the door. You say great things but will then refuse to really help them. What is the obvious result? They are gong to move on and pay no heed to you again and you lost that opportunity to share your faith with them.
We women are the ones to nurture others (physically AND spiritually). We care for them and we show them that we care about them. As Catholics this is especially important because we are the messengers of Christ. Being open minded shows that you value others' opinions which shows that you care about them and are truly not only being condescending because you alone know the truth. That is more likely to win people over for Christ (not to mention that others will enjoy your company much more). Also, a conversation goes both ways, one needs to listen and one needs to speak. The rules apply to all! Let me also be clear. Open-mindedness means not that you have to agree with them, but, that you are open to discussion and hearing all perspectives to gain understanding. Also, have you noticed how some people will not discuss things because they are afraid they are wrong? To open your mind to others shows that you are grounded in your convictions but that you want to understand them and that you are also always open to learning (especially because no one is knows everything, you might learn something new!) . I just want to also add that I find closed minded people to be rude and it usually drives from selfish motives and has no patience and lacks any virtue. Just a last thought. Our Blessed Lord has an open mind with us. He wants us to bring all our joys, thoughts, and prayers to Him in order for Him to perfect us because He is perfection and only He can make us perfect. He loves us more than we can even imagine. With that thought, have a blessed Sunday!
God bless you and God bless America!