Sunday, September 3, 2017

Outfit Of The Month September 2017

Hello! I just wanted to share an outfit totally appropriate for September.... It is very elegant too! I hope you all can find inspiration from it!


I love how she mixed the light blues and added a vintage touch! Also, look at her hat!! If y'all like hats, then you will be pleasantly surprised by a post coming soon.... just a thought... :)
Anyway have a blessed Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review! Scarlet Letter and Enemy Brothers.

helavik:    (via Little Women - Jo March by Erin McGuire: FICTION — LightGreyArtLabShop)  Part of the FICTION section of the Girls: Fact Fiction exhibition, featuring 100 illustrators and designers who have portrayed their favorite women, heroines, and inspirations.  
Hello Everyone! I finally have my first book review post! I have recently finished two books: The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn and Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery.

The Scarlet Letter (a story about two adulterers in the Puritan community who must wear an "A" on their breast to shame them for committing adultery)  I will give a 3 out of 5 for a couple reasons. While it is not the walk in the meadow type of story, it conveys a few things. One, it gives a better appreciation for my faith because I know that God forgives and that I can move on. If I repent, then He will forgive me. Hester's Puritan community does not allow Hester forgiveness, and so, after her sin, she could never ever... ever.... be worth anything or achieve anything because her sin was so great that she could not be forgiven, thus she is the center of ridicule and shame. Also, in the end, when Hester repents, she becomes a refuge for other women in similar instances. She is Puritan but she has that element of a Catholic Lady in the end when she becomes a counselor for other women showing them that there is hope for them and forgiveness because if you repent, God will forgive. She shows them that they are not alone. This is an element of a true lady who sympathizes with others and becomes a spiritual mother. She sets an example and others will learn to follow in her path of love which is a reflection of God's love. We cannot condone the sin, but we can forgive the sinner. I think that the end of the story shows that beautifully. The second reason that I give a good rating to the book is that amazing writing technique of Nathaniel Hawthorn. He writes very differently than most authors and it amazes me how he can go on for two pages and say absolutely nothing! Not really but he has an expressive vocabulary and a way of saying things without actually saying them. 

Enemy Brothers (a story about an English family during WWII who finds their brother who was kidnapped and grew up in Nazi Germany and their journey to helping him accept his family and ancestry.) I will give it a 4.5 out of 5. First, I love all things WWII... the stories, the history, and the fashion. Also, this is a charming story about family love and patience. It shows brotherly love and creates a problem... Making you wish that the characters were real people!!!! I find it charming that even though this is a novel, it very well could have been a true story. I highly recommend reading this one! It is a very quick read!

I hope to be blogging more often in the future! Have a blessed week and happy reading!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Following Up On Suggestions

Hello All!!! Thank you so much for the suggestions for a blog topic! I enjoyed reading all the ideas for the blog and I have a couple of lists made in response to the ideas!
First, I wanted to share some pictures of our little Winchester... !!

 He is 11 weeks old today!!!
 He is behaving so well for the camera!! :)

Ok so Farm Lassie said "Maybe you could give a post about brands of clothing that tend to give more modest choices? I would be curious for a post like that."

Great question! I put together a list of different places I find modest clothing.
First I want to say I do scavenge at Kohls and Maurices and am successful once and a while... I highly recommend Dressbarn if you have one near you. They have quality clothing and a good selection of things to choose from. I also enjoy looking at all thrift stores and I am amazing at what I find because I never see things in stores and then like magic they appear in a thrift store! I just had a haul from Goodwill and found lots of good things!!! Now for online.
Chicwish is a good place to look for skirts. I have ordered multiple from there and can vouch for the quality. I would avoid their dresses and shirts because they tend to be immodest. However most of their skirts are modest and very stylish.
Chicwish -
ShabbyApple I have never ordered from but I like their website and I would recommend looking through there as well.
ShabbyApple -
JPeterman is a bit more pricey but they have high quality clothing and I can vouch for that. I enjoy browsing through their website and I do find some good things....... I am not saying that everything they offer is appropriate, but they have a good selection.
Amazon is also a resort I go to and find some good things. If you like vintage clothing, I recommend looking at vintage clothing websites because a lot of their clothing (not all) is modest and very cute!!!
A vintage website I enjoy is TopVintage ( They also have very good quality clothing.
One last website that I would like to share has some clothing but is a great nostalgic website that is very pleasurable to relax and browse through.....

Also, for inspiration on how to mix different styles and colors, I look at Pinterest because it offers a wide variety of styles...
These are just a few of the ones I am successful at finding good clothing with and I hope that helps!!!

Now Marilyn has said " I would like to see recommendations for books you approve of to read. Also I would love to see outfits that are sold in modest stores or online that are truly feminine."

In the outfit of the month, I try to add the link of where the clothing is available in the blog, although I cannot always do it......

And for the books, here is a list I have made up that I have really enjoyed:

To start with the novels,
1) Waking Rose, by Regina Doman is the third in her series and it is a Catholic retelling of fairytales. I have read Waking Rose 3 times already!!
2) An Old Fashioned Girl, by Louisa May Alcott, is an excellent book about a girl who lives in the country and goes to live with a girl in the city that is changing to modern views (in the early 1900s) and she has to hold on to her traditional values.
3) Awakening A Crossroads In Time, by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, is also a good book about a teenage girl who doesn't understand her faith and she gets sick and dreams that she was in the time that Jesus lived and she walks through His Passion... But, was it really a dream??

And here are other books whether on modesty or religion,
1) An Exorcist Explains the Demonic, by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, is very informational and answers all the questions a person could have about possessions, vexations, obsessions....etc. It is good to know to be aware of Satan's workings that go unnoticed by the majority.
2) Dressing With Dignity, by Colleen Hammond, is a good read. It goes over the history of dress throughout the last century and why the world changed its values on modesty. She includes guidelines for modesty, places to find modest clothing, and she gives a new perspective on being feminine and graceful. This read makes one proud to be a woman! (Not like the false lies of the feminists)
3) St. Michael And The Angels, which talks about the 9 choirs of angels and is a good source to read with the first book I listed as it gives a lot of information on the angels that many do not know.
4) An American Knight, by Norman Fulkerson, is a biography on the amazing Colonel John Ripley who was in the Marine Corps and single-handedly blew up the Dong Ha bridge during the Vietnam War. He was a devout Catholic and model man. He was so impressive that while you are reading the book, it is almost hard to believe that everything he endured was real and not a fairytale. This book comes HIGHLY recommended. Also, I know the author and would love to have your copy signed if you are interested. If you are, I should be seeing the author in October and can get the copies then. Please email if you would like one. (The book will cost $10)
4)  The last one I have is The Glories of Mary, by St. Alphonsus De Liguori. I actually have only read half of it and need to finish but I enjoyed it so much. It really increases one's devotion and love of the Blessed Virgin because it shows how much she loves us. This is a great book to read.

Alright I apologize for how long this post is but I hope that these lists help you! Also, I am hoping to read more in the future and do book reviews as part of the blog as well. Let me know what you think!
God Bless!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Outfit of the Month August 2017

Hello! I know I have been very lazy about posting lately but for that I have some excited news (and excuses :) ) to share... We just got a new puppy and he is only 10 weeks old! He is a joy but definitely a handful. With having little Winchester around, I haven't had much time to blog....  However, I will just get straight to it then... Enjoy!

Take this lovely lavender shirt which has the perfect soft and feminine touch
A modest summer blouse! And it's classy, too. I love it!
And put it with this flower skirt that is perfect for the end of summer


Put these matching shoes with it to complete the look!
This item is shipped in 48 hours, including the weekends. A low heel pump with a cute bow,perforations features moisture management to keep feet comfortable all day long. Material: Man made leather. H

and there you have it!
Thank you! And I would love to hear back from all of you on what you would like my next blog topic to be! I will write about whatever topic is suggested in the comments section....
God bless you and have a blessed rest of summer!

Monday, July 17, 2017

And Finally, My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

Hello everyone! Here is an article written by my sister about this past weekend on a protest in Belle Plain, Minnesota. The protest consisted of praying so that this town does not proceed with its plan to place a satanic monument in their veterans park. They are actually reconsidering placing the monument up so if you are outraged by this injustice to Our Lord, please call the town city council to express your discontent!
I have to express how impressed I was with how many people came to protest. In particular, there was a group of young men (maybe ages 15-25?) who were kneeling in formation the entire time and they prayed and sang with the group. It was inspiring to see young men taking a stand again! I also want to add that the temperature outside was 90 degrees and the sun was beating down on everyone. Without saying anymore, here is the report my sister has written.
                                                                 A New Crusade
"The date of July 15th is of great importance to history because of the momentous occurrences which took place. There are two in particular. The first happened in the year 1099 A.D. The first crusaders lead by Godfrey of Bouillon besieged and regained the stolen land of Jerusalem from the Muslims. 918 years later, another battle was fought, not with swords and crossbows, but with rosaries and hymns.
These new crusaders joined together at Belle Plaine, Minnesota, to pray the rosary to protest an affront to God and make reparation for the sin. The praying warriors stormed New Jerusalem with their prayers.
The particular issue which caused such a repercussion was the decision to allow a satanic monument to be erected in the Veterans Park. The statue, which is a cube with pentagrams on each side and an upturned helmet on top, will be the first public monument to satan.
The organization called America Needs Fatima answered God's call to publicly defend His honor and raised the standards for the fight. They called friends and strangers alike to gather an army for God to join them in the battle. About 200 gathered, some local, and some traveling as far as Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and South Dakota.
But the prayer warriors were not without opposition. About nine satanists did appear to make a counter-protest. 
Like the first crusaders in Jerusalem, the warriors of the rosary endured the scorching heat of the day. But the participators both young and old did not lose their enthusiasm for the fight.
The rosary rally began with a procession of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Then the rosary was prayed, begging for God's and Our Lady's blessings on America and hymns were sung in honor of Our Lady and God's kingship. Some knelt for the complete hour to offer another sacrifice to Our Lady. The new crusaders, with prayers said and hymns sung, placed their hopes in Our Lady's hands along with their public sacrifice of prayer so that as she promised, Our Queen will Triumph and crush the head of the serpent."

We continue to fight the battle but just remember that the battle is already won! Our Lady said herself, "And finally, My immaculate heart will triumph!"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Is Freedom a Duty or a Privilege?

You're a grand old flag, you're a high flying flag and forever in peace may you wave. You're the emblem of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave.
"I can do/say what I want! This IS a free country!"........ How many times do we hear this phrase today? I would certainly say too much. What is wrong with it? Well..... With America celebrating her independence this month, I would like to differentiate actual freedom from the common idea so often thought of today.
By definition, freedom just means to have no bounds and to be able to take an action without restrictions. But does this mean that all of a sudden, a man can disregard his moral duties? Definitely no.
women of the revolutionary war | Women during Revolutionary War | Themes in American History
America was founded by those men who were under a tyrannical reign and who could not defend their rights. Throughout history there have been persecutions of those defending the rights and duties of their faith and morals. They were silenced. America has fought again and again to keep its freedoms.
If freedom meant that man could do anything he willed, then would America be a perfect society because all men would be able to live their lives without any restraints to their happiness? If one man believes he is right to worship one God but another man has three gods, or if a man believes in human sacrifice while most others do not, how can all such people "coexist"? Do they all have the truth? They do not cannot and division is inevitable.
Happy 4th of July from the!
Freedom is not therefore a privilege to do as he pleases, but as he ought. He has freedom of speech, freedom of religion...etc in order to help him to find the truth and all the means to do just that. He cannot be restricted from doing the things commanded by the Divine Creator. Freedom gives mankind the ability to fulfill his duties of faith, to protect the innocent, and to give all men a chance to make the world  a better place for the honor and glory of God. This is what the countless men have fought for in America since 1776 and must be protected.
May God Bless you and God Bless America!
Patriotic, Freedom Postcard

Outfit of the month July 2017

A lot of people  think that wearing immodest clothes makes them look cool.... but it really doesn't.

Hello Everyone! I know I have not been posting lately but I have been so busy (taking drivers ed and getting my temps! ) ... I hope you all had a blessed 4th of July, celebrating the beautiful land of the free and home of the brave!

This outfit is already put together and I could not do a better job myself. It has that simple elegance that reflects the pureness of soul rather than an immodesty of heart. To remain dignified and respectful by holding to ones values and to still be beautiful to the eye. If we reflect God in every manner, including how we present ourselves, then does this not make a perfect outfit for a lady of God?
Luvtolook | Curating fashion and style

Thank you all for your support and effort to be ladies of the Lord!
Rosalina Martin