For The Love Of Femininity

Recently someone shared this picture with me and it has a story which I would like to share. It holds the innocence of a young girl. The girl in the photo just celebrated her birthday and she received this lovely dress. She said it was her nicest dress and she was so excited that she wore it as soon as she could. She wore it to none other than to Holy Mass. She simply wanted to wear her best for God. She did not want to show off to the others or anything of the sort. This shows innocence of the purest form. All for the love of God. This also shows the touch of femininity in this little girl, because she was most excited about the gift that shows her dignity and identity as a daughter of God every time she wears it. She is already, at such a young age, learning to become a lady with the grace and charm of femininity. She is at a very good start! I can only say that I hope to meet her someday, but for now will be inspired by her simpleness of heart. So, I just want to say happy birthday and give a shout out to you in your endeavors!

-Rosalina Martin


  1. That is a good start! Now to cultivate a love for the domestic sphere!

  2. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh I love this!! Bless her sweet heart!


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