Outfit Of The Month: February 2017

Sorry for being absent for so long! Well, it is the time of the month to have the 'outfit of the month'! How one dresses is very important because it says a lot about them-self especially when giving a first impression. It tells other people what we are inside. We use clothes as magnets and we attract what we portray... we are magnetic to the same things as we are.
Now, February is that month when many people want spring to come but it is still pretty cold outside. I think it is good to wear colorful things to keep the optimism and joyful thoughts flowing while still dressing practically.
Adorable look. Too bad I don't have legs for days like this girl.:
This is a cute ensemble already together. The red hat has a nice pop of color and her outfit is slightly speaking of spring.

pretty little details:
Layering clothes is also a good idea. This pastel baby blue cardigan looks adorable with the white blouse underneath.Some good places to find good clothing at a good price is at resale stores! Here is a white blouse (not the one in the picture) that you might like as well! http://www.jenclothing.com/mi-mw10900-chift-ivory.html
Tulip Skirt
Try pairing the blue (or whatever color) cardigan with this cute skirt! It is perfect to ease into spring with this style and color!

A couple of cute shoe pairings would be the color of the cardigan or the classic brown. Here are a couple of ideas of pairings.

It’s sure to be love at first step when you buckle into these pastel blue Mary Jane heels. Elegant, fun, and flirty, these vegan faux-leather stilettos take your strut to new haute heights!:

Click for more.:

Since you still need a coat...
10 Classic Women's Winter Coat Styles:
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Well, let me know what you think and enjoy the rest of your month and I will try to post more this month! God bless you and have a blessed week!

-Rosalina Martin


  1. I really like that outfit! It's really pretty.


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